~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ CH. Marquam Hill's Traper of Turo, SOM
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Can. CH. Turo's Kristian D'Or
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Turo's Snapshot
~~~~~~~ CH. Lynbary's Ode to Cachet
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ CH. Turo's Inferno of Fowler
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Can. CH. Cachet's Garnet of Turo, Can. DOM
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Cachet's Sophistacated Lady
CH. Garnsey's Varsity Blue ("Trevor")
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ CH. Cachet's Casablanca of Turo, SOM
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ CH. Cachet's High River Gambler
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ CH. Touchstone's Shala, DOM
~~~~~~~ Halcyon Chances Are
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ CH. High River's On Fire, SOM
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ CH. Halcyon Gilding the Lily
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Halcyon Diamond Lil

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ CH. Berena's Tribute to Fa Fa, SOM
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Can. CH. Ajays Triumuph to Rubydawn
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ CH. Ajay's Ruby Tuesday, Can. DOM
~~~~~~~ CH. Savoye's Calibra Flashfire
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Can. CH. Tradonalee's Classic Sensation, SOM
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Ch. Savoye's Goldana Royale
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Savoye's Savan Deville
Ch. Interlude's Backtalk of Sundarby ("Gabby")
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ CH. Turo's Empire, SOM
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~CH. Sundarby's Fleetwood Mac, SOM
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ CH. Sundarby's Cover Girl
~~~~~~~ CH. Interlude's Sweet Talk
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ CH. Cachet's Casablanca of Turo, SOM
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ CH. Interlude's Finders R Keepers, DOM
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Interlude's Desert Rose
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